Charles Owen Johnson, Esq., was born in Monroe, LA, the son of Dr. Clifford U. Johnson and Laura (Owen) Johnson. On graduation, Mr. Johnson received a B.A. from Tulane University, being elected to Phi Beta Kappa. Later he received a LL.B. from Harvard Law School, a JD from Tulane Law School and a LL.M. from Columbia Law School.

Mr. Johnson, a member of the Louisiana State Bar Association and the Federal Bar Association enjoyed a successful career in law in Louisiana and Washington D.C. Mr. Johnson served for twenty-four years in the Tax Court Litigation Division of the Chief Counsels Office, Internal Revenue Service, and as Chief of the Court of Appeals Branch, the last eleven years of his service. He was in the Army of the United States from 1950-1952, during the Korean Conflict, and was an overseas veteran the last year. Mr. Johnson resided in Arlington, VA, and Palm Beach, FL (his winter home).


  • Society of the Cincinnati in the State of South Carolina
  • General Society of Colonial Wars (past Governor of the Washington D.C. Society, Fellow of the Samuel Victor Constant Society)
  • One Hundred Living Descendants of Blood Royal
  • National Society Americans of Royal Descent
  • Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America
  • Order of the Merovingian Dynasty
  • Ancient Heraldic and Chivalric Order of Albion
  • National Gavel Society (Honorary President)
  • General Society Sons of the Revolution (past President of the Washington, D.C. Society)
  • National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (past President of the Washington, D.C. Society)
  • General Society of the War of 1812 (past President of the Washington, D.C. Society)
  • National Society, Sons of Colonial New England (Founder, past Governor General)
  • National Society of Descendants of Early Quakers (past National Presiding Clerk)
  • Saint Nicholas Society of the City of New York
  • Saint David's Society of the State of New York
  • Saint David's Society of Washington D.C.
  • St. Andrew's Society of Washington, D.C.
  • National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims (past 2nd Deputy Governor General; past Treasurer General)
  • Huguenot Society of South Carolina
  • The Huguenot Society in New Orleans
  • National Huguenot Society (Genealogist General; past President of the Louisiana Society)
  • Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (Associate Companion)
  • Sons and Daughters of the Province and Republic of West Florida 1763-1810 (Founder, past Governor General)
  • Jamestowne Society
  • National Society of Old Plymouth Colony Descendants
  • Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry (past President General)
  • Society of the Descendants of the Colonial Clergy (past Chancellor Gen.)
  • Hereditary Order of the Descendants of Loyalists & Patriots of the American Revolution (Co-Founder, past Governor General)
  • Hereditary Order of the Descendants of Colonial Governors (past Governor General)
  • First Families of Georgia 1733-1797 (past Chancellor General)
  • Order of the Founders and Patriots of America (past Governor of Washington, D.C. and Louisiana Societies; past Genealogist General; and past Deputy Historian General)
  • Order of the First Families of Mississippi 1699-1817 (past Founding Governor General)
  • Military Order of the Stars and Bars (past Judge Advocate General)
  • Hereditary Order of the First Families of Massachusetts (Governor General 2004-2006; Member No. 2, Registrar General)
  • Order of the First Families of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations 1636-1647 (Founder, past Governor General)
  • Order of Descendants of Colonial Physicians and Chirurgiens (past President General)
  • Descendants of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company (Governor General 2004-2006)
  • Order of the First Families of Connecticut (Governor General 2004-2006)
  • Plymouth Hereditary Society (Governor General 2004-2006)
  • Sons and Daughters of the Colonial and Antebellum Bench and Bar 1585-1861 (Founder, past President General)
  • National Society Sons and Daughters of Antebellum Planters 1607-1861 (Founder, past President General)
  • Order of Scions of Colonial Cavaliers 1640-1660 (Founding Governor)
  • Military Order of the Foreign Wars of the United States
  • Order of Indian Wars of the United States
  • Continental Society of Indian Wars
  • The Hereditary Order of the Families of the Presidents and First Ladies of America (Founding Member; Attorney General)
  • Royal Society of St. George
  • Sons of Confederate Veterans (Gold Award Recipient)
  • Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
  • Flagon and Trencher
  • Texas First Families certificate
  • Louisiana Colonials
  • Descendants of the Founders of New Jersey
  • Jefferson Davis Medal Certificate and Cross of Military Service (awarded by the United Daughters of the Confederacy)
  • Certificate of Arkansas Antebellum Ancestry (awarded by the Arkansas Genealogical Society)

Chivalric Orders

  • Knight of Grace of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem.

Listed In

  • Who's Who in the South and Southwest
  • Who's Who in American Law
  • Who's Who in Government
  • Who's Who in the World
  • Who's Who in America
  • Who is Who in Freemasonry
  • National Social Directory (1974)
  • The Northern Virginia Social Register (1975)
  • Social Register of Washington, D.C. (1976)
  • Social Directory of New Orleans (1990)
  • Social List of Washington, D.C.
  • Blue Book of Washington, D.C.

Other Notes

Mr. Johnson served as first editor of Hereditary Register of the United States of America, under the President and General Editor, John Griffin Richardson Rountree. He was also chairman of the editorial committee. Mr. Johnson was a member of the English-Speaking Union of the United States, the Harvard Club of the City of New York and the Harvard Club of Washington, D.C. He was active in a number of Fraternal Orders and is a Perpetual Member of Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22 AF&AM in Alexandria, Virginia, of which George Washington once served as Worshipful Master. He was a member of the Harvard Club of Boston, Massachusetts; the Round Table Club of New Orleans, Louisiana; and the Army and Navy Club of Washington, D.C.