Society Meetings

Society Meetings

In an effort to keep society members informed regarding meetings, HSC lists here the schedule for the meetings immediately before, during and after Heritage Week in Washington, D.C., comprising the months of March-May, each year.  If you know of a lineage society meeting occurring during those months, please notify HSC by emailing us here

2015 Hereditary Society Meetings

4/1-2/15  Continental Society Daughters of Indian Wars

Army Navy Club

4/3-4/15 National Society United States Daughters of 1812 Mayflower Hotel
4/5-8/15 National Society Daughters of American Colonists Mayflower Hotel  
4/6/15 National Society Women Descendants Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company Holiday Inn Central  
4/7-11/15 National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century Mayflower Hotel  
4/7/15  T Order of the First Families of New Hampshire Army Navy Club  
4/7/15  T Order of the First Families of Maine Army Navy Club  
4/8/15  T Descendants of Sheriffs and Constables of Colonial and Antebellum America Mayflower Hotel  
4/8/15  T Order of the Founders of North America  1492-1692 Mayflower Hotel  
4/9/15  L Sons and Daughters of Virginia Founding Fathers Army Navy Club  
4/9/15  T Guild of Colonial Artisans & Tradesmen 1607-1782 Army Navy Club
4/9-10/15 National Society Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America Mayflower Hotel  
4/9-10/15  National Society Colonial Daughters of the Seventeenth Century Mayflower Hotel  
4/10/15  B National Society of New England Women University Club  
4/10/15  B  Presidential Families of America Army Navy Club  
4/10/15  T National Society Descendants of Early Quakers Army Navy Club  
4/10/15  D National Society Sons and Daughters of Antebellum Planters 1607-1861 Army Navy Club  
4/10/15  D Sons and Daughters of the Colonial and Antebellum Bench and Bar 1565-1861 Army Navy Club  
4/10-11/15 National Society Daughters of Colonial Wars Mayflower Hotel  
4/11-12/15  National Society Dames of the Court of Honor Doubletree Hotel Hilton  
4/11/15  B Associated Daughters of Early American Witches Mayflower Hotel  
4/11/15  T  Society of Descendants of Lady Godiva Army Navy Club  
4/11/15  D National Society Magna Charta Dames & Barons University Club  
4/12-13/15   Order of Descendants of Colonial Cavaliers Ritz Carlton
Pentagon City
4/12/15  L Order of the Descendants of the Justiciars Army Navy Club
4/12/15  L Hereditary Order of the Descendants of Loyalists and Patriots of the American Revolution Army Navy Club
4/12/15  L National Order of the Blue and Gray Army Navy Club  
4/12/15  T  Hereditary Order of the Families of the Presidents and First Ladies of America The Willard  
4/12/15  D Hereditary Society of Teachers Old Ebbitt Grill  
4/12/15  D  Order of Indian Wars of the United States Belle Haven
Country Club
4/12/15  D  Aztec Club of 1847 Belle Haven
Country Club
4/13/15  L National Society Sons & Daughters of the Pilgrims Mayflower Hotel
4/13/15  T  Descendants of Knights of the Garter Ritz Carlton
Pentagon City
4/14/15  B National Guild of Saint Margaret of Scotland Army Navy Club
4/14/15  M Order of Alba Army Navy Club
4/14/15  L Order of the Norman Conquest Army Navy Club
4/14/15  L Order of American Cousins of Present and Future Sovereigns of Great Britain Holy Land of America
4/14/15  L Descendants of Fossars Holy Land of America
4/14/15  D One Hundred Living Descendants of Blood Royal Sulgrave Club  
4/15/15  B Dutch Colonial  Society Army Navy Club
4/15/15  L Order of the Merovingian Dynasty City Tavern Club
4/15/15  D The Hereditary Society Community of the United States of America The Flying Bridge
4/16/15  B Baronial Order of Magna Charta Cosmos Club
4/16/15  B Military Order of the Crusades Cosmos Club
4/16/15  L National Gavel Society Cosmos Club
4/16/15  L Jamestowne Society Cosmos Club
4/16/15  T Colonial Dames of America Metropolitan Club
4/16/15  D Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America Metropolitan Club
4/17/15  L Hereditary Order of Descendants of Colonial Governors Sulgrave Club
4/17/15  D Order of the Crown in America United States Botanical Garden
4/18/15  B Order of the Founders and Patriots of America Fairfax Hotel
4/18/15  L National Society Americans of Royal Descent Chevy Chase Club
4/18/15  L National Huguenot Society Cosmos Club  
4/18/15  T Order of Descendants of Colonial Physicians and Chirurgiens Mayflower Hotel  
4/18/15  D Ancient Heraldic and Chivalric Order of Albion Private Residence  
4/18/15  D National Society of Sons of the American Colonists University Club  
4/18/15  D Plymouth Hereditary Society University Club  
4/18/15  D Society of the Descendants of the Colonial Clergy University Club  
4/18/15  D Order of the First Families of Virginia 1607-1624/25 Army Navy Club  
4/19/15  B Winthrop Society Army Navy Club  
4/19/15  L National Society Daughters of the Barons of Runnemede Army Navy Club  
4/19/15  L Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry Army Navy Club  
4/19/15  L Order of Three Crusades 1096-1192 Army Navy Club  
4/20/15  L National Society Sons of Colonial New England Army Navy Club  
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