Thomas Donald Coan, Jr.

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Thomas Donald Coan, Jr.

Thomas Donald Coan, Jr. was a native of Chicago, Illinois.  He was the son of Irene Coomer and Thomas Donald Coan. During his senior year in high school, Don joined a work study group where he went to school and worked at Northern Illinois Gas Company in the evenings.  After graduation, he began his forty-year association with the company.  Don married Maurene Gayle Mast and together they enjoyed traveling, learning about American history and doing genealogical research.

When Gayle and her sister, Marilyn Alice Mast Long, founded the Descendants of Sheriffs and Constables of Colonial and Antebellum America, they wanted their husbands to be founding members.  The search for an ancestor who would qualify for Don's membership started his love for genealogical research.  He joined and found several "cousins" in the first month.  From then on, any vacation included a visit to the local historical society, or any historical society along the way.  His research found ancestors that qualified him to join quite a few societies, and also put him in touch with Coomer cousins he didn't even know existed.  He found genealogy to be a very interesting, informative and rewarding part of his life.


* Descendants of Sheriffs & Constables of Colonial &
   Antebellum America  (Founding Member)
* National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
* National Society Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims
   (Illinois Flag Chairman)
* American Descendants of the House of Burgesses
* General Society of the War of 1812

Other Notes
Don was a long-time member of the American Legion. He joined Saint John's Episcopal Church in Flossmoor, Illinois.  Don was honored by being given an Honorary Associate membership with the National Society Dames of the Court of Honor.  In addition to national societies, he had membership in the Hazelcrest Historical Society, the Smithsonian Museum, Founder Membership and donor of the Williamsburg Foundation, Gettysburg Foundation donor, Civil War Trust donor, a National Trust donor for preservation of historic sites, a USO donor, and a donor the Wounded Warrior organization.

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