An Overview of the Hereditary Society Community

A Few Words About
The Hereditary Society Community
of the United States of America


We live in an era defined by speed and convenience.  In such a time, it is easy to forget the personalities, lifestyles, events and epoch deeds which forged, not only America, but modern civilization as we know it.  The study of history and genealogy provides a mode of reflection and acknowledgement of the people, places and processes responsible for the lives we enjoy today.  This is the heartbeat of the hereditary society community.

We are educators.  The hereditary society community serves America by compiling data about our past, documenting that data, and making it available the general public.  Thousands upon thousands of publications have been produced within our ranks, and our work is available in libraries everywhere.  Our societies promote historical education on many levels, and many of our members are active public speakers and teachers in their local communities. We lay a strong foundation for our nation, reminding the world of America's unique history and great destiny.

We are genealogists.  The hereditary society community is hard at work collectively researching and documenting the lineages of American and international families over the past several hundred years.  We provide documentation for our work, making the road easier for generations to come.  Furthermore, we celebrate the accomplishments and lives of those we study, honoring our past.  Genealogical study is the passion and common bond of the hereditary society community.


We are historians.  The hereditary society community is committed to the preservation and accurate depiction of, not only the raw historical facts which shaped American and European history, but also the nature of the lives of the men and women who lived in past eras.  Our work is the cumulative product of hundreds of thousands of hours of personal and joint research.  All this is evidenced in the books and writings of countless town, family and era historians associated with the hereditary society community.  We provide a significant source of accurate, relevant historical data for generations to come.

We promote civic duty and patriotism.  The hereditary society community is constantly engaged in new projects for the betterment of American society.  From the disbursement of scholarships, to significant historical preservation, to leadership in community, state and national patriotic ceremonies, we are serving our fellow Americans on many fronts.  The collective mind of the hereditary society community is one which honors the past, embraces the present and engages the future.

We are a fellowship.  The hereditary society community provides the opportunity for like-minded individuals to foster life-long friendships, partnerships in projects, synergism in reaching similar goals, and a chance to remain active in the context of organized groups.  Our members are generally individuals who make things happen, and have the ability to get the job done.  Many of us are prominent figures in our communities, leaders, and role models to those closest to us.  We truly enjoy fellowshipping together, savoring our mutual love for all that the community represents.

The HSC site is designed to bring together the elements comprising the hereditary society community, in an effort to create unity, foster relationships, and inform the public.  The entire project is non-profit, and has been initiated for the sole benefit of the Hereditary Society Community.  No fees or dues are collected from Advisors, Honorary Members, nor societies listed on the site.   We hope your visit will be fruitful, informative, and enjoyable. 

The Hereditary Society Community